NaPoWriMo Day 21: Narcissus

Why I don’t take selfies

Photos, old photos show
godesss reality.

like the picture of Dorian Gray                                ,
show sunken cheeks,
sagging neck,
hooded eye,
blossom that wilts,
withers, resemblance untrue.

is captured in false outside image
not in the flower
I see
as me
from inside.




Coeur d’artichaut, Day 7 NaPoWriMo 2018

The prompt for Day 7 involves the juxtaposition of two layers of identity.

Coeur d’artichaut

She thinks she looks
too ugly. Didn’t used to but now
she was old. Hadn’t always been.
Arrives at party and thinks,
–Here I am–and seeks a familiar face,
finding none, walks toward
artichoke dip and chardonnay
desperately searching
for someone she knows.
Over there! (but talking to
someone else.) She dares not
approach, and slowly shrinks back
toward the artichoke dip.

Dressed in white, belted in black
she arrives at the match,
bows in,
eyes her opponent, and thinks,
–There he is!
–What will he do?
–If he does this,
–I’ll do that.
–I will make him
–do this
–so I can counter
–with that.
And so goes the conversation
to the final bow,
no artichokes in sight.

karate me