Concrete Image

NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 2 challenge is point of view work.

Concrete Image

I came to be a respected artist
with works in the High Museum
then I died.

What does energy look like as concrete image?
image OF concrete, rough white slab
with cracks in it, surface not superficial
image ON concrete small hands bumping
chalk along for hopscotch courts
smiley faces and raying suns
pointed houses with crooked windows
the Pont des Arts with its Jocondes
liberties that guide the people.

Graffiti, one graffitus, one graph fetus.
Life springing from spray can
onto concrete, graffiti energy.
What it takes to paint a highway
overpass and not fall or get caught
still painting something real.
Graffiti is–graffiti are–called
both writing and painting.
When they caught me they called it
criminal vandalism. I got off, first

I grew to be a respected artist,
sold my work to the High Museum.
Then inadvertently, I died.